Language training with C.C. Communication

C.C. Communication offers language training and translation services for companies and other organizations as well as for individual people all over Finland. We are one of the few language schools with the capability to offer our services nation-wide, meaning that we can offer a teacher in the same town or area of Finland as the students.

We also offer training over the Internet using our Teacher on Your Desktop service. We arrange tailored language courses with native teachers who have experience in language training with adults. Finnish capable teachers are also available.

Wide range of languages

In addition to English, C.C. Communication offers courses in Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Estonian, Chinese and Japanese, to mention but a few out of the almost 30 languages we are able to offer.

Each year, we give training in approximately 12 languages in about 150 companies all around Finland

Main target

Our main target is to help our students use the target language more effectively in their work. We do this by getting them to actively use the language, and think in the language, during the lessons. The focus is generally on speaking skills unless another focus is requested. Other skills are practiced mainly through additional homework and self-study methods recommended by the trainer.

Tailored language training

Our specialty is to customize every course to suit the particular needs and busy schedules of the student(s). The training most commonly takes place in the premises of the customer, but can be arranged elsewhere upon request. Our trainers are usually flexible to arrange lessons also before or after office hours, if desired.

Native language teachers

Our teachers are mostly native speakers and have experience in adult training. Upon request, we can often also arrange a trainer with the same native language as the students. Our trainers average teaching experience is approximately 7 years.

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Specialized courses

Our courses range from weekly training to highly intensive courses and specialized business language seminars. We teach one-to-one and small, personal groups. In addition, we can offer training over the Internet, by e-mail and telephone or a blend of all these plus face-to-face. We also offer culture training, such as Chinese, Indian and other cultures. For those who would like to study abroad, we also can arrange for this with our partner-schools.

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Level testing

We recommend levels testing and needs analysis before training begins. Our full test will give the client and teacher a clear picture of the students’ abilities in speaking, listening and grammatical skills. Levels are reported in both the popular CEF scale and our more detailed CC scale. This test is available nation-wide (Finland) in English with availability in other languages more limited by location. We also offer a less-detailed online English test. Where testing is unavailable or undesired, we still ask the students to do a free online needs analysis, as this is key to the development of an effective, tailor-made course.

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