You've heard of e-learning - studying over the Internet rather than in a classroom. The possibilities of using the Internet to learn languages are fantastic! Unfortunately, what most language schools which offer e-learning really give you is a glorified form of doing homework. What they call e-learning is actually reading and multiple-choice exercises. The better schools might offer you some listening and multiple-choice exercises or even video and multiple-choice. Some will allow you to communicate with the teacher by e-mail.

Teacher On Your Desktop

C.C. Communication offers you a Teacher On Your Desktop. We offer real-time high-quality audio and video communication with an experienced teacher making your remote e-learning experience as effective as one-to-one tailor-made classroom learning. You will hear and see the teacher speaking the target language and (s)he will hear you and correct your mistakes. You will improve your speaking skills, not just your writing abilities (though these will also be improved). As you speak you can also pass documents back and forth including your own business communication, look at and discuss articles, pictures, listen to appropriate recordings and even watch video sequences. But most importantly, the teacher is there with you, on your desktop, to help you learn and use the target language the way you need to.

If your limitation in not improving yourself in the languages you need in your work has been that it takes too much time to travel to lessons, or it costs too much to pay for the teacher to travel to you, then this is the solution for you. C.C. Communication offers you both native and Finnish-capable teachers; interesting teachers who are interested in you, your job, your company and product, who are experienced in helping you with both language and the technical skills needed for this type of training.


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