Translation services

We can offer translation for about 200 different language pairs into approximately 35 target languages. Our translation team includes native speakers of over 35 different languages, many of whom are bilingual. This enables us to offer you high quality translation and proofreading services from Finnish or English into almost any language, and from almost any language into Finnish, as well as many other language pairs.

Wide variety of documents

We can translate almost any type of text - technical, scientific, medical, legal, etc. When possible, we try to match the translator’s areas of expertise with the customer’s need. However, our translators are skilled at quickly finding the correct terminology for the wide variety of texts they deal with.


The standard practice is to charge on a per page or per word basis, charging the same high cost whether the text is scientific, technical or quite basic and straightforward. We believe in charging our customers for the actual work done. Our customers send us the text (preferably as a Microsoft Word e-mail attachment or in another common format which can be edited directly) which we quickly analyze and then make an offer based on the time we estimate the job will take.

As soon as you approve the offer, we begin the translation (or proofreading) work, keeping in mind any deadline given. Most jobs can be done within one or two days, and we have also done same day translation, though we prefer to have more time to ensure higher quality.


We will treat any text sent to us as highly confidential. We guarantee that the text will not be seen by any non-C.C. Communication employees or unnecessary personnel and will not be saved in paper or electronic format after the final translation has been approved by you, though the translator will keep a glossary of technical terms to ensure quicker and consistent use of terminology for future texts you send. If you have any confidentiality agreement you would like us to sign, we would be happy to do so.

Authorized translations

Some legal documents require the stamp of an authorized translator. Currently, C.C. Communication has 16 language pairs for which we can offer authorized translations.

Interpretation service

We also provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services for several language pairs. Some of our interpreters can also accompany you on your trips abroad. We would be happy to send you an offer for the interpretation service you need.

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Note: An authorized translation is sometimes required by a government authority or court. It requires a specially qualified translator who puts a stamp on the translated document. The translation must be returned on paper by post though we can also send a scan of the translation earlier. Authorized translations are more expensive than "normal" translations which don't require certification. Normal translations are suitable in most situations.

Confidentiality: We consider all documents we receive as confidential and take care that they are viewed only by necessary C.C. Communication staff (the coordinator and the translator). If you have a separate non-disclosure agreement you would like us to sign, please send.

Note: We will send you an offer today or the following work day. Translation work will not begin until you've accepted our offer. If you prefer to send your enquiry by e-mail, please use

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