Facts about C.C. Communication Oy

Brief History and Philosophy


C.C. Communication was founded in 1995 by the senior teacher of a large international training organization’s Turku office. He observed how the larger schools focused most of their attention and talent on marketing rather than on their product - their marketing staff received higher salaries and more training than their teaching staff, which seemed to be considered more expendable and had high turnovers. Their best teachers were anxious to leave teaching and become salespeople because they could make more money and have better career development opportunities in that area.

In an industry where the teachers and product are inseparable, he wanted to create a company in which the teachers would be the real stars and in which they could be empowered to really meet the customers needs for tailor-made training and flexibility. In addition, as money was saved by less focus on marketing - less "flashiness", he wanted to pass on that savings to customers by offering more competitive prices than the larger, marketing-orientated schools could afford.

Company grows

C.C. Communication has seen growth every year in our client base as well as growth in our teaching staff, specialized courses and materials development. In 2002 we began activities in the capital city area. At the beginning of 2005 we became truly national, able to offer face-to-face training in almost any language and anywhere in Finland.

Customer first

Our Teacher on Your Desktop e-learning system is also available to those harder to reach customers and even abroad. In 2009 we began more development on the translation side of our business and are currently seeing growth in that area. Our focus on our teachers, our flexibility with our customers and our product-before-marketing philosophy is continuing to gain us significant market share (= satisfied customers!) nation-wide as well as it has in Turku.

Teachers all around Finland

Our teachers are from a variety of backgrounds and specializations and, in addition to being experienced teaching general and commercial language, are skilled at finding and developing specialized materials for a wide variety of industries and professional areas. Our students are encouraged to take an active role in their own course and program planning and development in order to make their training as immediately useful as possible.

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