About Our Teachers

We are very proud of the team of teachers we have assembled over the years since C.C. Communication was founded in 1995.

Unlike some of our competitors, we hire all our teachers locally; our teachers plan to live, work, study and / or raise their families here in Finland and have some commitment to the country. They are not young thrill-seekers trying to get some short-term international experience. Most of our teachers have some knowledge of the Finnish language and the special problems their Finnish and Swedish speaking students encounter with the target language, or are studying Finnish themselves. Yet, most of our teachers are native - teaching their mother tongues, and adhere to the philosophy that the most effective means of language acquisition is to use the target language almost exclusively in the classroom, even from a very low level. We also have Finnish-capable teachers available for those students at very low levels, but even these teachers encourage their students to focus on and use the target language until they become comfortable with this.

Right teacher for you

We have a large pool of teachers, more than most of our competitors. These teachers come from a wide variety of educational and work experience backgrounds. This makes it easier for us to match teachers with students both according to their schedule for training and also according to the industry they work in: We sometimes are able to find teachers who have had previous experience either studying or working in that industry and thus the teachers have a greater knowledge of the professional vocabulary their students need to use. But in any case, our teachers are skilled at finding and preparing materials for their students from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds.

Below are listed some of the general criteria we look for when hiring new teachers:


Most of our teachers have been teaching their language successfully to adult learners for several years.


Our clientele tend to be university educated business people and thus we look for teachers with similar levels of education.

Teaching Qualifications:

Nearly all our English teachers have at least a TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and many have higher levels of pedagogical training.


Our teachers are generally outgoing, somewhat extroverted personalities in the classroom and are well-capable of managing a discussion. On the other hand, they are not too extroverted and do not overly dominate discussion time, as they realize the ultimate importance of student-talking-time.


Our teachers are interesting people that you will want to get to know. They have interesting histories and interesting ways of expressing themselves. They know students learn and remember better when they can be put into a positive, enjoyable frame of mind.


Our teachers are naturally inquisitive and will get you talking, in the target language, about yourself, your company, job and responsibilities, products and interests.


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