Why C.C. Communication?

C.C. Communication is not the biggest language training supplier. We're not the smallest either. We do business nation-wide in Finland and our headquarters are in Turku. We are growing fastest in the capital city. We have a turnover of approximately 500,000€ per year making us quite a mid-size company in this industry. We employee approximately 60 teachers, both full-time and part-time. We have teachers on our books for thirty languages though we have thus far sold courses in twelve of these.

C.C. Communication is not the cheapest school, though our prices tend to be lower than most of the mid- to large-sized schools. We do not have a big marketing budget nor a flashy office in the center. Most of our customers prefer to have the training done in their own offices. Our headquarters are in a peaceful residential setting a few minutes from Turku's center, with two classrooms. We pass on these saving to our customers by offering competitive prices. However, when it comes to our product, we are heavy investors. We invest in the quality of our teachers and teaching materials so that our customers will receive high quality and effective teaching.

C.C. Communication’s main strength is our flexibility. We realize that we are teaching busy business people and need to be flexible in many ways. Firstly, we are flexible in the actual content of our courses. Our students have very specific needs and our teachers do their utmost to help their students do their jobs in the target language. The teachers actually negotiate the course content with their students, giving their professional advice but also considering the students' superior knowledge of their actual situation and professional vocabulary.

Secondly, we are flexible in our schedule. Our teachers are available just about any time our students can find for lessons and are flexible to reschedule lessons at very short notice. We can do weekly or bi-weekly training and also intensive training in our full range of languages. We can do general language skills, general business language skills, or very specific skills training focusing on abilities such as negotiating, presentations, meetings, telephoning, business writing, etc. We can also focus on topics such as computers, marketing, management and leadership, etc.

Thirdly, we are flexible with choice of teacher. We have a large pool of skilled teachers and try to select teachers who have some knowledge of your industry. Though we encourage our students to train with native teachers (teachers teaching their mother tongues) we also have teachers fluent in Finnish available. Because we generally employ teachers who are longer term residents of Finland rather than bringing in younger teachers from abroad as many of the larger schools do, even our native teachers generally have some knowledge of Finnish and / or Swedish and the particular problems Finns have with the target language. We choose teachers who are both fun and interesting but also interested in their students, their students' companies and products.

And fourthly, in addition to our program being flexible, our teachers are also flexible with their teaching style. Different people learn in different ways and our teachers are not tied down to one particular method. They know how to identify your learning style and then adapt their teaching style and materials to give you effective training.

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