Language Test

We strongly urge all our course participants to take the C.C. Communication entrance examination. (At present, available only in English, Swedish and German) This exam allows us to analyze in detail what the participant is able and unable to do in the target language and thus design a very personal course to meet his specific needs. We also offer our testing service to companies who simply want a detailed analysis of their employees or prospective employees abilities.

The test price includes:

  • 1. An analysis of
    • Knowledge of Language Structure, Grammar and Vocabulary
    • Listening Skills
    • Speaking Skills
  • 2. A Needs Analysis - specifically what do you use the target language to do? This analysis is necessary for designing the course.
  • 3. A written report of the tested person’s abilities, difficulties and needs along with a recommendation for study and an end of course evaluation report updating the participants’ abilities and levels.

Online testing

We also offer an online test option. This test can be done independently, when the student has the time (takes approximately 60 minutes). This test yields only a level (A1-C2 - CEF) rather than a full report, and is not as accurate as our full test. It does not include a speaking test so we recommend an (optional) telephone interview with needs analysis to accompany it.

See the description of levels.


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