Effective Finnish Language Training

C.C. Communication offers tailor-made Finnish language courses for private students, businesses and organizations. Location: Courses can be arranged in the students’ workplace, home or wherever else might be convenient. We have local teachers all over Finland, but can also offer online (usually Skype) training if more convenient.

Our teachers are normally native Finnish speakers, experienced in teaching Finnish but, upon request, we can often also offer a teacher with skills in the students’ mother tongue (Russian, English, Swedish, etc). Our method is to maximize your use of Finnish in the lessons with student talking time combined with instruction and correction. We recommend a minimum of 90 minute weekly lessons but can provide more or less intensive training to fit your schedule and preference, including full-time intensive courses. Our courses are one-to-one or small groups within an organization. Courses can start and end according to your schedule and budget.

Our courses are tailor-made. Though they may follow a book, depending on your level, the teacher will use and create additional materials and exercises to fit your specific needs, whether you are studying Finnish to pass the test needed for citizenship (YKI test), need Finnish at work and / or for “survival” purposes for non-Finns living in Finland. Prior to the course, you’ll be asked to do a short telephone test or fill in our online needs analysis, giving the teacher some initial information about your needs. But as the course progresses, you are encouraged to give the teacher more ideas of what would be helpful to you - practice language you would need for visiting the health center, getting your car repaired, communicating with your neighbors, shopping, using public transportation, etc. We’ve done training for every level; from complete beginners on up to native Finns wishing to professionalize their writing skills.

C.C. Communication also offers translation service, both certified and non-certified, from and to Finnish to and from many other languages (and also dozens of language pairs not involving Finnish).

For more information or an offer, please contact us: info@cc-communication.fi


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