English for Telephoning

As corporations become more and more international, communication with colleagues and business partners is very often done in English. The special challenge of telephone communication is that you cannot use body language and facial expressions to help deliver the message. This course is designed to help you communicate effectively in English at work on the telephone.

English for Telephoning is a professional course in which you learn how to use English fluently for effective telephone conversations. The course is targeted for anyone who uses English on the phone for business purposes, from the switchboard operator up through the company president. The trainer will go through the special phrases used on telephone for various levels of formality. We will also create practical exercises simulating real-life work situations to practice the particular types and content of telephone language used by the students.

The course can include the following topics:

  • Introducing oneself on telephone, apologizing and dealing with communication problems
  • Creating and leaving voicemail messages
  • Scheduling and cancelling meetings (politeness strategies)
  • Handling complaints, customer care
  • Presenting suggestions and reaching agreements

We will modify the course content according to the particular field and area of responsibility of the students and the level and schedule will be planned to suit the students’ needs. Level assessment is also available.


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