English for Report Writing

This course is designed for those who need to write business reports in English and feel they lack the skills necessary to produce a correctly written, operative and clear report.

English for Report Writing is a professional course for everyone who needs to write work-related reports. The course may cover the following topics:

  • What is good business writing?
  • Collecting information
  • Planning and organizing the text: selecting and organizing materials, presenting findings, concluding, summarizing
  • Using the right words; commonly misspelled and confused words
  • Writing efficient paragraphs
  • Memos and letters
  • Reading and understanding
  • Using graphics and statistics

Our trainer can use material provided by your company and the students can use their own reports as training material - the result of the course will be a well-written business report and / or other texts that the students can use directly at work. Other aspects of business language such as discussing the reports written or going through relevant grammar may also be included. The course will be tailored to suit the specific needs, wishes and levels of students and level assessment can be arranged. We will plan the course according to your schedules so that even the busiest can participate.


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