English for Law Enforcement

As the field of law enforcement becomes more and more international, the professionals working for the police, customs, or security companies face more and more challenges as far as language skills are concerned. English for Law Enforcement is a professional course developed to meet these challenges. Don't let inadequate language skills prevent you from doing your job well!

During this course, many aspects of law enforcement duties will be covered. With the help of practical exercises simulating real-life work situations, learning comes naturally. The course will be customized to suit the needs of each student or group. Some relevant topics include:

  • Traffic: stopping a vehicle, explaining traffic offences and penalties
  • Guarding: reacting to anti-social behavior, giving warnings and orders
  • Emergency calls and actions needed: domestic and street violence, describing injuries, describing assailants, reassuring the victim, asking questions
  • Crimes against property: theft report form, giving professional advice, crime prevention, crime scene investigation
  • Criminal justice and the terminology related to it
  • Customs: drugs and alcohol and the legislation related to them, customs control
  • Organized crime and international cooperation: language of e-mails and telephone conversations, requesting information and assistance, developing cooperation with colleagues abroad
  • Large events , crowd control and dealing with civil disorder

Our trainer will plan the course to suit the needs and wishes of you and your organization. C.C. Communication will help you achieve the language skills you need!


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