English for IT Professionals

English for IT Professionals is a specialized course offered by C.C. Communication designed to meet the language needs of those working with information technology and the Internet. Specially designed materials are used in the course, and in some locations in Finland teachers with IT expertise are also available. The course is particularly designed for the IT specialists in your company but is also helpful for anyone else who needs to deal with IT issues in English.

The course can cover the following topics:

  • writing reports and instructions on technical issues for end-users
  • explaining procedures and processes to a non-technical audience
  • discussing reasons and solutions for technical problems
  • transforming jargon into plain English
  • dealing with help desk customers, participating in international IT teams

In addition to specialized ICT vocabulary, the course can contain aspects of general business English, for example, discussion and small talk skills, giving presentations, writing reports or e-mails, etc. We will tailor the course to suit your objectives, levels and schedules. Because of the special terminology used, the students should have at least basic skills in English. If necessary, we can assess the levels before the course begins. The course can be arranged either as individual training or as a group course and regularly scheduled or seminar-style.


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