English for Human Resources

As companies become more international, management face new challenges in communicating effectively with their multi-cultural staff in English. The significance of fluent English skills will be all the more crucial for staff working in HR units.

English for Human Resources is a professional course suitable for both experienced HR professionals and those who are just starting their career in the field, as well as others for whom HR is only one facet of their responsibilities. Whether you are a manager or an assistant, you will benefit from this course. We can help you achieve the level and professionalism of English you need at work.

English for Human Resources covers the language needed in the many areas that come under managing human resources. The course may include the following topics:

  • job descriptions / person specification
  • Recruiting / laying-off / firing staff
  • Job description / definition - roles and responsibilities
  • HR development
  • Employee relations
  • Salaries and benefits

In addition to the above, the course may contain a deeper insight into the vocabulary of your industry, safety issues, trade unions or development discussions. We will customize the course contents and schedule to suit the needs of the students. Level assessment is also available.

The main objective of the course is to prepare an HR professional who is able to communicate fluently in English in all work situations. C.C. Communication will help you achieve this goal.


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