English for Engineering

As the world of modern technology is becoming more and more international, the challenges for those who work in the field become more complex as far as language skills are concerned. Our training will help you communicate in English more fluently and efficiently.

Our English for Engineering course will help you use English efficiently at work. The course is especially designed for people in various technical professions, from technical managers to technicians, and it familiarizes you with technical terminology and expressions. During the course, the students will do exercises simulating real-life situations at work, for example, safety meetings and project briefings. While doing interesting exercises and discussing topics in your field of expertise, you will acquire the language naturally.

The course may cover, for example, the following topics:

  • Technology in use: describing technical functions and presenting advantages
  • Materials: their classification and quality
  • Components and assembly: assessing manufacturing techniques
  • Design: discussing proportions and dimensions
  • Technical problems: evaluating and describing faults; repair and maintenance
  • Technical development: proposing ideas and solutions; evaluating improvements
  • Procedures and precautions: security and health issues, discussing standards and regulations
  • Monitoring and control: discussing figures and giving assessments
  • Theory and practice: explaining cause and effect, comparing research results, discussing theories

We will modify the course content according to your specific field and area of responsibility. The course will be customized to suit your level and schedule. If necessary, we can assess the levels before the course begins.


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