English for Customer Care

English for Customer Care is a course by C.C. Communication designed specifically for people working with the public; for example, those who work in reception, call centers, as sales representatives or anywhere else in the organization that involves contact with customers. Our training can help you master the English vocabulary and phrases you need to truly reflect the strengths of your company, giving customers a highly positive image of your company, services and products.

The course can include the following topics:

  • Introduction to customer care English
  • Encountering a customer - politeness and formality, small talk and getting down to business
  • Telephone contacts with customers
  • Customer care in writing
  • Dealing with problems and complaints
  • After-sales issues including quality and delivery
  • Cultural differences in customer service - socializing with customers, gift giving, etc.

In addition to the above, the teacher may include vocabulary related more directly to your industry or job description. Also, other topics such as hosting business visits, preparing and giving presentations or handling orders on the phone may be included in the course program.

The main objective is to produce a customer care expert who can work fluently in English in a variety of situations. C.C. Communication can help you achieve this goal.


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