English for Cabin Crew

This is a special course from C.C. Communication for Cabin Crew to help them with the English requirements of their important jobs. During the course our trainer will use simulation / role-playing exercises, with which the students can prepare themselves to encounter the real-life challenges they face. At the same time, their vocabulary will expand naturally.

The course can cover the following topics:

  • Pre-flight briefing, responsibilities and aircraft features
  • Greeting passengers, boarding and loading
  • Meal service, onboard sales
  • Attending sick passengers, remedies
  • Safety and emergency situations
  • Landing and its preparations
  • Job application and career related issues

We tailor-make the course to suit the specific needs of the students. In addition to the job-specific language, the course may also contain other important areas of English, such as relevant grammar issues or general vocabulary. Our training can help you or your employees achieve the skills needed for succeeding in their international jobs.


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