English for Aviation

This course is designed to meet the language training needs of aviation professionals such as pilots and air traffic controllers. Within the course, the students will do exercises simulating real-life situations at work, for example, making requests of action, explaining change in plans etc. While doing interesting and practical excercises, you will learn the language in a natural method.

The course can cover the following topics:

  • Pre-flight checks
  • Describing weather problems, asking for permission, prohibition
  • Departure and take-off; encountering traffic, warnings about hazards
  • En route: Operational situations, unusual events
  • Contact and approach, descent, problems related
  • Communication on the ground

In addition to these, our trainer can include other topics in the course according to the students’ wishes, for instance, general language issues such as giving presentations. Our courses are tailor-made to suit the students’ needs, schedules and levels.


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