English for Sales & Purchasing

As corporations operate more and more internationally, their sales and purchasing staff are meeting new challenges as customer and supplier contacts come from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Effective and clear English communication is a necessity.

English for Sales & Purchasing is a professional course designed for staff working either in the sales or purchasing units of your company. In spite of the differences between these two areas of responsibility, they both require excellent language skills in order for objectives to be reached. We can help you achieve the level you need for effective communication.

English for Sales & Purchasing covers the vocabulary and phrases needed when contacting buyers or suppliers, participating in exhibitions abroad or dealing with reclamations and enquiries.

The course can include the following topics:

  • Areas of responsibility: goals and objectives, job descriptions, sales meetings, orders
  • New contacts: exhibitions, building relationships (small talk strategies, e-mails)
  • Offers: sales speeches, making offers, asking for suggestions, listening to the customer
  • Negotiations: tips for successful negotiations, company visits, negotiation styles
  • Orders: making orders on the telephone and internet, terms of agreement, common phrases
  • Customer care: dealing with problems on the phone and in writing; letters, making reclamations

In addition to the topics above, you may practice giving product presentations or, for example, examine different styles of persuasion. We will customize the course content, level and schedule to suit the students.


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