English for Production and Operations

English for Production and Operations is a professional course targeted for those who need to deal with production and operations issues in English but who lack the skills or the confidence. The aim is to enable them to communicate in English efficiently and with confidence.

The course may cover the following topics:

  • Goals, strategies, tactics
  • Assessing capacity for growth
  • Decisions concerning products and services: development and investigation procedures, strategic choices
  • Planning and organizing operations: expenses, capacity; location and layout of facilities; planning and scheduling projects
  • Quality: quality control and management
  • Inventories
  • Human resources management (Please note that we also have a separate course for human resources)

The course will be designed to meet the needs and levels of the students and the schedules are flexibly arranged so that even the busiest can participate. Because of the special vocabulary involved, the students should have at least basic skills in English. If needed, we can assess the levels before the course begins.

The main objective of the training is to help you and / or every employee in your company to use English fluently and professionally.


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