English for Negotiations

In the modern day business world, negotiations are often carried out in English. To achieve one’s goals it is important to master the phrases and vocabulary needed to be an effective negotiator and to be familiar with and understand cultural differences.

English for Negotiations is a professional course aimed at people who need to negotiate in English at work. It provides the language needed to handle the typical scenarios encountered on the way to successful negotiations. The course can include the following topics:

  • Phases of negotiation: preparations, establishing rapport, starting the negotiation, discussing, making suggestions, bargaining, reaching an agreement, questions and answers
  • Insights into negotiations: body language, the significance of culture, diplomatic language, handling problems
  • Self-evaluation

During the course, the students learn necessary vocabulary, phrases and expressions through practical exercises. Real life role plays, or simulated negotiation situations will be created and practiced by the students with teacher and peer feedback.

We will customize the course content, level and schedule to suit the students. If necessary, we can assess the levels before the course begins.


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