English for Meetings

With companies operating more and more internationally, teleconferencing, face-to-face and video meetings in English are becoming the rule rather than the exception. The skill to express yourself fluently and precisely in English will help make meetings more efficient and productive.

English for Meetings is a professional course covering the language needed for organizing, conducting and participating in meetings.

The following topics can be included:

  • Arranging a meeting and agreeing on a schedule via e-mail
  • Level of formality for the meeting and differences in language used
  • Introducing oneself and others; small talk in a meeting situation
  • Presenting issues and ideas; handling interruptions
  • Asking for and making comments and expressing opinions
  • Making decisions, taking a vote, managing the schedule
  • Ending the meeting, summarizing and arranging action

In addition to the above, the trainer can also offer deeper insight into various argumentation styles and giving presentations. We will customize the course according to your special needs and wishes. Trainers can also sit in on your actual meetings and later give feedback concerning language aspects, or immediate correction if desired.

The course will be arranged to suit the needs, levels and schedules of the students. If necessary, we can assess levels before the course begins.


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