English for Marketing and Advertising

Are you involved in marketing and advertising and feel stressed when you need to use English? Are you sure you are using the correct terminology to give customers precisely the impression you want to give them of your company?

English for Marketing and Advertising is a course covering the main areas of responsibility for marketing and advertising units. This is a course developed to meet the needs of C.C. Communication clientele, using the most recent, high quality materials. Our trainer will focus on the key areas of your work and thus customize the course according to your needs. The methods used will include role play and other kinds of interactive exercises. The training is designed to complement your everyday work and to prepare you for more challenging tasks.

Topics covered in the course may include:

  • Corporate identity
  • Branding
  • Customer profiles
  • Working with an advertising agency
  • Public relations and communications
  • Organizing events
  • Market research
  • Pricing and positioning strategies
  • Advertising media, direct marketing
  • Websites as a marketing tool
  • Sponsoring
  • Writing a press release

The trainer will be an experienced teacher and a native English speaker. Because this course contains special vocabulary, the participants should have at least basic skills in the English language. If necessary, we can assess the levels before the course begins.

We will design the course to suit your needs, levels and schedule so that even the busiest can participate.

English for Marketing and Advertising is targeted for those involved in marketing and advertising, to help them communicate more effectively in English.


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