English for E-mails

As corporations become more and more international, communication with colleagues and business partners is very often done in English. Nowadays, e-mail is the most common medium for this type of communication but the quality and clarity of English e-mails, even when written by employees with a good level of English, is often poor, causing misunderstanding or giving a non-professional image to your organization. Our training will help you use English more confidently and achieve an effective and professional e-mailing style.

English for E-mails is a course in which the participants will learn the correct phrases, grammar and formality to write e-mails in English. The course suits everyone who needs to write e-mails at work and it gives a thorough insight to the common phrases and vocabulary used in e-mails. Our trainer may use materials provided by the student or company representative, including their actual e-mails, to modify the course to suit the company=s communication style and culture.

The course covers the following topics:

  • The basics of writing e-mails: structure, subject line, attachments
  • Formal and informal e-mails: polite phrases, abbreviations, diplomacy
  • Making enquiries, asking for action
  • Commercial e-mails: making orders, reaching agreements
  • Making and confirming arrangements by e-mail
  • E-mailing do's and dont's

The course will be designed to suit the students’ needs, levels and schedules. If necessary, we will assess the levels before the course begins.


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